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4D Man (1959)

4D Man is a movie starring Robert Lansing, Lee Meriwether, and James Congdon. Two brothers, scientists Scott and Tony Nelson, develop an amplifier which enables a person to enter a 4th dimensional state, allowing him to pass through...

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  • Genre: Action | Horror
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  • Run Time: 85
  • IMDB Rating: 5.9/10 
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  • Peers/Seeds: 2 / 30

The Synopsis for 4D Man (1959) 720p

Two brothers, scientists Scott and Tony Nelson, develop an amplifier which enables a person to enter a 4th dimensional state, allowing him to pass through any object. Scott experiments on himself and discovers that each time he passes through something he ages rapidly. He begins killing people, sucking out their life energies and regaining his youth as a result. It falls to Tony and Scott's girlfriend, Linda, to try to put a stop to his murderous rampage.

The Director and Players for 4D Man (1959) 720p

[Director]Irvin S. Yeaworth Jr.
[Role:]Robert Lansing
[Role:]Robert Strauss
[Role:]James Congdon
[Role:]Lee Meriwether

The Reviews for 4D Man (1959) 720p

Flawed, but still enjoyable.Reviewed byHey_SwedenVote: 7/10

Producer Jack H. Harris, screenwriter Theodore Simonson, and director Irvin S. Yeaworth, Jr. re-teamed for this sci-fi effort after the far more popular (and more fun) "The Blob". This viewer just didn't have as much fun with this as he would have liked given the nifty premise of this feature. Unfortunately, the pacing is a little sluggish at first, with too much time devoted to the romantic subplot of the story. But right around the halfway point, things start cooking, with more action taking place. The visual effects here are actually pretty good for the time when this was made, and the body count is fairly high. There has to a debit, however, for the persistent, overbearing jazz score (by Ralph Carmichael) which does work on occasion, but doesn't, for the most part.

Sharp featured and intense leading man Robert Lansing plays Dr. Scott Nelson, a scientist who's developed this supposedly impregnable metal which gets dubbed cargonite. His brother is another scientist, Tony Nelson (James Congdon), whose own obsession has paid off: he's figured out how to have matter occupying the same space at the same time, and pass objects through one another - including the cargonite. The Nelsons experiment together only to find that Scott can now pass *himself* through various things. Scott finds some pleasure from his newfound ability, but there are side effects - there have to be side effects in a story like this - Scott is getting progressively more insane and now rapidly ageing, and has to make physical contact with other living things to temporarily regain his youth.

Lovely Miss America winner Lee Meriwether ('Batman', 'Barnaby Jones') is the lady who comes between the brothers; Robert Strauss, Edgar Stehli, and a very young Patty Duke are also among the cast in this amusing bit of escapism with some good moments. Lansing does a solid job in the lead; you do feel for him when Meriwether, whom he wants to marry, shows more interest in Congdon, and although you know he needs to be stopped when he goes on the inevitable rampage, he's not quite a simple one-dimensional villain.

"4D Man" is no classic, but is entertaining enough for 85 minutes.

Seven out of 10.

Dr Scott Nelson walks through solid objects and kills with his touchReviewed bysnicewangerVote: 6/10

4D Man is a very entertaining Sci Fi thriller that utilizes the talents of actor Robert Lansing to their fullest extent. He strikes the right cord as Dr Scott Nelson. Using the research gathered by his brother Dr Tony Nelson, and the data he has gathered through his own work Nelson discovers a method of projecting himself into a fourth dimensional state which allows him to pass through solid objects. The downside is that each projection he attempts causes his body to age very rapidly. He then discovers that with his touch he can absorb the life energy of other living creatures which will renew his own life force and restore his youth. This has the added effect of killing those whose energy he has drained.

The old adage that "absolute power corrupts absolutely" comes through as Nelson allows his pent up frustrations to surface and he uses his powers to rob, and take revenge on those who feels have wronged him.He eventually is able to project himself through shear force of will. When he finds that his fiancé and his brother have fallen in love with each other and have gone to the authorities about him, he targets them both for death.

4D Man has an interesting and unusual premise for a science fiction film. Irvin S Yeaworth Jr directed and did a first rate job of making an absorbing and tightly wound story. Lansing was a low key actor who generally underplayed his scenes. While it didn't not always work, it's the right method for Dr Scott Nelson in this story.Good special effects also help. Sci Fi fans and fantasy buffs will enjoy and appreciate 4D Man.

" Such Power cannot be kept by one man alone "Reviewed bythinker1691Vote: 7/10

Of all the films of actor Robert Lansing this film " The 4-D Man " is perhaps the least seen or appreciated. The story revolves around inventive scientist Dr. Scott Nelson (Robert Lansing) who is searching for something which can revitalize his nearly futile experiments with a new metal process. He discovers that his younger brother Dr. Tony Nelson (James Congdon) is also working with a fantastic invention which ventures into the realm of the incredible. At first, Scott is uninterested and disbelieving, until his brother shows him. Once aware of the possibilities, Scott steals the project and pushes it to the limits. However, the outcomes are totally unexpected as Scott is propelled into the world of the Forth Dimension with horrendous results. This is a solid movie and Lansing overwhelms the cast despite having Lee Meriwether, Robert Strauss and Edgar Stehli as Dr. Theodore W. Carson. Look carefully and you'll see a very young Patty Duke playing Marjorie Sutherland. Good fun for the Special Effects crowd. ***

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