Heat (1986) 1080p YIFY Movie

Heat (1986) 1080p

Heat is a movie starring Burt Reynolds, Karen Young, and Peter MacNicol. Las Vegas is the backdrop for all the torrid action of heat, as Burt Reynolds plays the soft-hearted bodyguard who's out to protect his friends.

IMDB: 5.56 Likes

  • Genre: Action | Crime
  • Quality: 1080p
  • Size: 1.57G
  • Resolution: 1920*1080 / 23.976 fpsfps
  • Language: English
  • Run Time: 101
  • IMDB Rating: 5.5/10 
  • MPR: Normal
  • Peers/Seeds: 14 / 29

The Synopsis for Heat (1986) 1080p

Reynolds plays an ex-soldier-of-fortunish character in Vegas, taking "Chaperone" jobs, fighting with the mob, and trying to get enough money together to move to Venice, Italy.

The Director and Players for Heat (1986) 1080p

[Director]Dick Richards
[Role:]Karen Young
[Role:]Peter MacNicol
[Role:]Burt Reynolds
[Role:]Howard Hesseman

The Reviews for Heat (1986) 1080p

Reviewed byvideorama-759-859391Vote: 6/10/10

I didn't realize that film was made in '86, a year for film that Iloved. The cover makes the film looks more than it is, which it isn't.This is a 90+ minute film that doesn't use too many scenes (for somejust drag) or story structure that basically goes out the window forthe stretch, and we wonder what the hell. And we kind of wonder whatBurt is doing in this too. I mean if you're interested in watching Burt(a private eye here) win, and blow ten grand, go ahead. It's kind ofinteresting, especially Burt losing so bad, it causes the dealer andgood friend (Scarwid) to draw tears. The paper thin revenge tale (oh,yes this from a book) of course is set in Vegas, where a close ladyfriend of Burt's (Young) has been up pretty bad by these three guys,two real beefy, and we know how dangerous Burt can get when provoked,causing him to do some really serious damage, the other guy, a thinsissy, faggoty type with ties to the mafia. Him and Burt meet latetogether in the Mafia chambers, you could say, but prefore to this, andafter he does some irreparable damage, he takes some nice bundles ofcash, which he gives to his avenged lady friend, who watches the showBurt gives, then skips town, where a new client, (Ally McBeal's PeterMaCnichol) befriends Burt, looking to him as his teacher, trying tomake him stronger, than the whining loser he is. I really did like thescenes between these two. Yes, this is a film that will disappoint alot of viewers, with high expectations, where they brought down, bad,but give it some more views. Very well shot, some moments near the endare shot very dark, bringing to mind the shot torture scene in Sharky'sMachine.

Few memorable bits in the first half, forgettable second halfReviewed bygaylordsmythe-higglebottVote: 5/10

I give credit to any medium that starts with me disliking a character, then gets me to change my mind a few scenes later. We also get some memorable moments, one which will not leave my head anytime soon.

After the fifty minute mark though the intensity started to die, and with it my interest.

This movie is two stories that /mostly/ come together in the third act.

Story one I quite liked. The killing intent Holly (Karen Young) exhibited grabbed my full attention. We also get a thoroughly despicable (if not terribly fleshed out) psychopath as a bonus.

Story two was where I started to drift. Rich white dudes who think not getting hurt period can be solved with winning a fist fight. Mex's (Reynolds') self-destructive tendencies which had me pitying him, but didn't really make me feel closer to him emotionally. (Shucks, I felt closer to the Black Jack dealer.) Our lead kept sabotaging his own dreams and his character wasn't strong enough that this type of story worked for me.

The ending had adequate tension, but not enough to save the movie.

The two reasons I would recommend this film are 1) Karen Young's performance 7/10 stars and/or 2) You are a Burt Reynolds fan.

Reviewed bymovieman-138Vote: /10

The beginning of this movie I thought it was a horror film, a shotfollowinga bloody woman to the ER. This is a cheat as Roger Ebert puts it andmisleads us. However that set-up with the beat up girl is incredibul...itsvery interesting how the director chooses to take revenge on the peoplewhobeat up the girl...HOWEVER I have seen over a million movies in my daybelieve me and this is by far the worst ending I have ever seen. EVER.Afterseeing the movie I was not mad I spent 2hrs watching it because the earlyaction scenes were very good and showing the star with a gambling problemvery unique. We all know what happens to people with gambling problems andyou see in the movie. However this is a very small subplot and does notgetexpanded in the least...very weak. There are so many things this moviecouldhave been. And about the HORRIBLE ending I would never give it away eventhou I belive it to be the worst anti-climax ending ever it is sooooooooouniqie I dont believe any movie ever made has done it and for good reason.Amillion more movies can come out in the next 20 years none will end likethis come on...YOUR LEADING UP TO THE FINAL BATTLE WITH a guy who has beenin vietnam and is considered to be one of the deadliest men in the worldandthey don't even fight...you have to see what happens...wow...I can't takeit. This is the longest review I have ever written on this site and I justcan't get over how good this movie could have been. A dam shame...6.8 outof10 but a definite viewing for any gamblerholic or lover of offbeatcinema.

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