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Pick Me Up (2006) 1080p

Pick Me Up is an episode of Masters of Horror starring Fairuza Balk, Michael Moriarty, and Warren Kole. In the middle of nowhere, with only a two-lane highway to connect it to anywhere--probably upstate New York--a recently divorced...

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The Synopsis for Pick Me Up (2006) 1080p

When a bus breaks down in a desert road surrounded by woods, the passenger Stacia decides to walk ahead 20 km to a motel. The travelers Birdy and Danny get a lift with the deranged serial-killer truck driver Jim Wheeler to return to a dinning place and are killed. The paranoid Marie and her husband stay in the bus with the driver waiting for help. When the sadistic serial-killer hitchhiker Walker comes to the bus, he kills the trio. Later in the motel, Stacia is disputed by the two psychopaths.

The Director and Players for Pick Me Up (2006) 1080p

[Director]Larry Cohen
[Role:]Michael Moriarty
[Role:]Fairuza Balk
[Role:]Warren Kole
[Role:]Laurene Landon

The Reviews for Pick Me Up (2006) 1080p

Satire and character--not gore--drives 'Pick Me Up'Reviewed byJonny_NumbVote: 7/10

Like John Landis' 'Deer Woman,' Larry Cohen's contribution to the "Masters of Horror" series coasts on the director's pitch-perfect dark humor. There are few scares in 'Pick Me Up,' but a strong satire of serial-killer clichés (in this case, the hitcher and the hitched) and a layered character study that is quite fun to watch unfold. Wheeler (Michael Moriarty) is a semi driver who picks up hitchhikers and slaughters them; Walker (Warren Kole) is a hitcher who murders his rides; and Independent Woman Fairuza Balk is the tough heroine who runs afoul of the duo. While Cohen may seem like a wild-card addition to the series, 'Pick Me Up' injects an intellectual angle into the proceedings that is refreshing (especially in light of the "gore = more" approach most of the episodes have taken). While this episode lacks Cohen's trademark 'guerrila' style, he hits the right notes of irony and absurd comedy in David J. Schow's script, as when the two killers (united in Wheeler's truck) stop as a rattlesnake crosses the road; or when Walker tortures a woman in a motel room, putting a quarter in the 'Magic Fingers' as porn plays on the TV; or a climactic fight between killers over their prey. The performances of Moriarty, Kole, and Balk are uniformly spectacular, possessing a true knowledge of character that adds much to the episode as a whole.

(Side Note: anyone collecting the MOH DVDs has come to expect the usual supplements, but 'Pick Me Up' contains a highly entertaining interview with Cohen, plus a surprising number of past collaborators offering insightful and often hilarious recollections.)

6.5 out of 10

good alteration on the hitcher seriesReviewed bywrlangVote: 7/10

Pick Me Up is from the Masters of Horror collection and is about a hitcher / road kill hugger that takes offense to a bus drivers desire to spice up the traveling by hitting animals trying to cross the road. The hitcher finds the bus and takes his anger out on the driver and those on board. A young girl in the bus just misses being hitcher bait several times until? A trucker also looking for the hitcher to exact some revenge comes into the act and uses the young girl as bait. Great acting makes this well directed film a big success in my mind as the pain of the actors comes through loud and clear. Not for anyone who doesn't like some blood and partial nudity.

Larry Cohen... Master of the B Horror FilmReviewed bygavin6942Vote: 5/10

After a bus breaks down, the occupants end up being caught in a blood war between two serial killers -- Walker, who hitchhikes and kills his victims, and Wheeler (Michael Moriarty), who drives a truck and picks up his victims. The stakes get higher when when one of the passengers turns out to be Fairuza Balk, a tough-as-nails divorcée with a switchblade.

Maybe I just didn't get it, but when I first saw this film, I thought it was really stupid. Two goofball serial killers, admiring each other's work. But no real plot, just one against another. The film doesn't move from A to B, it just sits in one place like a painting. And this has to be a Picasso, because halfway through I still had no idea what I was looking at.

Now, there are some nice touches. The gore is decent, especially one woman who is skinned and cut piece by piece apart. One of the more grisly scenes in a horror movie as far as it being realistic. I mean, what I saw could have actually happened and probably has. And Fairuza Balk is a great casting choice for a darker film. I mean, "The Craft"? "Return to Oz"? She's got the skills. I am not a big fan or anything, but she has a natural goth appeal (although Christina Ricci would be better if you ignore "Cursed".)

But the film has a streak of stupid, beginning to end. The first twenty minutes are wasted with a story that goes nowhere. The end is silly (but fitting for such a silly story). And it's Larry Cohen, so I expected some lack of seriousness... but come on. I really enjoyed Michael Moriarty in Cohen's "Q" and the "It's Alive" movie, but how did the two of them come together to make this? It confounds me!

When my friend Jason and I went to pick it up, we were wondering why it had to be a two-pack with Joe Dante's "Homecoming" when pretty much all the episodes got their own special DVD. Perhaps because this film could never make its money back on DVD sales? Although I did later find and purchase it on its own disc, which I found to be a great deal (for $2.99).

And, in all fairness, the second viewing was better received. I watched it with director's commentary on, and Cohen was able to point out lots of style shots I had missed, and changes he made from the original script. With this in mind, I think the directing was great. The story still has some weaknesses, but the way it was presented deserves some respect. If you saw this and didn't much care for it, I urge you to give it a second chance and pay attention to the camera angles and imagery.

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