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The Front Runner (2018)

The Front Runner is a movie starring Hugh Jackman, Vera Farmiga, and J.K. Simmons. American Senator Gary Hart's presidential campaign in 1988 is derailed when he's caught in a scandalous love affair.

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The Synopsis for The Front Runner (2018) 720p

Gary Hart, a U.S. senator from Colorado, is the widely accepted front-runner in the race for the Democratic presidential nomination. After losing the 1984 nomination to vice-president Walter Mondale, Hart decides to run for President of the United States. At one point during his campaign, against the will of his manager Bill Dixon, Hart challenges the press and public to "follow him around" while he's not campaigning on weekends. This proves to be a mistake when in 1987, photos of him and journalist Donna Rice are published by Miami Herald Reporters. In a desperate attempt to clear his name, Hart tries to fix his reputation at a news event concerning the affair but to no avail. Because of the consequences of his actions, Hart is disgraced, berated by Dixon, and forced to drop out of the campaign while his wife Oletha remains to be close with him. Donna also announces that she has personally denied sleeping with the now former senator..

The Director and Players for The Front Runner (2018) 720p

[Director]Jason Reitman
[Role:]Hugh Jackman
[Role:]Mark O'Brien
[Role:]J.K. Simmons
[Role:]Vera Farmiga

The Reviews for The Front Runner (2018) 720p

The rise and fall of a powerful man, blended with politics and media.Reviewed byblanbrnVote: 9/10

Remember growing up the scandal of one U.S. Senator Gary Hart and how his affair and love making drama with a hot and sexy Donna Rice would ruin and end his presidential ambitions. As for the late 1980's this kind of stuff was major news in the media and political world as then the society was just starting to carve up tabloid like gossip. And with this work called "The Front Runner'" it's a showcase of how scandal and media would destroy a man's political life. The film blends well with how media and politics rub with one another as it's front page sensation. Also the movie is well supported with themes of trust, ethics, accountability, guilt, and morality.

After 1984 when U.S. senator Gary Hart(Hugh Jackman) had a second place finish in the democratic primary he returns four years later for the 1988 run as the top favored donkey to win the nomination. As he's a different kind a Colorado western guy who talks technology, jobs, and peace all while appealing to the youth vote. At the time Hart feels comfortable with the press, though soon he sees just what a media sideshow it has become as questions and past statements are personal and revealing.

When the press and media does detective like spy work on Hart from airports to townhouses and campaign stops it's clear that life and privacy is a no win for Gary. Overall very very good film that takes you back to the times of the late 80's just to see how powerful that the press and media can be when it reveals secrets of moral and ethic choices as it's clear it changes the game for the powerful as Gary Hart would discover and the nation would see privacy and actions are no longer a private right and when revealed moral and emotional guilt changes things forever as in 1988 this scandal was just the start for a scandal hungry media to play wolf on politics, and powerful candidates who wanted more.

From up to bottomReviewed byblauregenbogenVote: 8/10

Reaching the sky and then hit the bottom and only ,because of some little weak spot. If you're in the public eye,you have be careful,they will ,find anything on you . Plus it was happened in '80 s my favourite time xxx

Compelling political dramaReviewed bySpanner-2Vote: 8/10

Compelling film with Hugh Jackman pulling off a credible version of Gary Hart in this look at the fatal three weeks of his 1988 campaign for the Democratic presidential nomination. Vera Farmiga is also good as his wife and J.K. Simmons plays his campaign manager. The film is split between covering his campaign and the reporters from the Washington Post and the Miami Herald who debated among themselves if the questions of Hart's alleged womanizing were important enough to pursue. It's a look back to a time when a story like this would sink a campaign and it did... The film has some unexpectedly strong moments when it focuses briefly on the idealistic young campaign workers and also when during a scene with Donna Rice and a young female staffer thats assigned to "manage" her... The film, after a brief prologue in 1984, spends all the time in those three weeks and it's very good for the most part.. A scene among Post staffers that tries to tie this into the #Metoo movement feels tacked on and unrealistic as having occurred in 1987 and the ending could have been a bit stronger but it's an effective film on its own merits.

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