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Wonders of the Universe (2011)

Professor Brian Cox visits some of the most dramatic parts of the globe to explain the fundamental principles that govern the laws of nature - light, gravity, energy, matter and time. With ...

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The Synopsis for Wonders of the Universe (2011) 720p

Professor Brian Cox visits some of the most dramatic parts of the globe to explain the fundamental principles that govern the laws of nature - light, gravity, energy, matter and time. With the world's most profound science at its heart, Wonders Of The Universe reveals how the story of humanity is intimately entwined with that of the complex story of the origins of the universe.

The Director and Players for Wonders of the Universe (2011) 720p

[Role:]Brian Cox
[Role:]Steven Mackintosh

The Reviews for Wonders of the Universe (2011) 720p

Reviewed byjay oledVote: 1/10/10

This series sounded really promising but the most beautiful shots areusually with this guy running around or showing close ups of his face.

I have no idea who thought it is a good idea but for a documentaryseries like this the universe and the beauty of it should be the focusof the movie and not some dude with a "hip" hairstyle.

Him constantly running around in front of the camera, adds nothing tothe whole documentary and is just distracting.

My wife and me couldn't stand watching more than half of the firstepisode. What a pity. This is not how good documentary movies are made.

To make everything look nice the editors used vignetting which trulymakes everything look kind of good.

Reviewed byChristianVote: 9/10/10

In the same scope as Carl Sagan's Cosmos (1980), although not quite ascomprehensive, Brian Cox's Wonders of the Universe (2011) along withWonders of the Solar System (2010) attempt to place humankind in thescale of the universe and explore some of physical science's moremeaningful discoveries. Cox actually gives homage to sciencevulgarization pioneer, Sagan, in Wonders of the Universe which I willreview here. Although Cox does not tackle subjects like time travel ina daring and direct way like Sagan, he is an eager, likable, scientistwho engages and teaches with appropriate awe and metaphors.

This time Cox is aided by breathtaking HD cinematography, coupled withthe technical prowess of eye-candy CGI and post-production, but thesoul-searching subject remains as the core of the text to leave us inadmiration, wonder and understandably a little perplexed. He explainsthe content and the context well and builds the viewer's knowledgealong the way.

The series as a whole is a success and perhaps bridges the 30-year gapsince Sagan's landmark 13-part series. Episode 1 "Destiny" defines timeand describes the beginning and the end of the universe in a near-complete and cathartic way. It explains entropy, puts our existence inperspective and sets the stage for further topics and questions of theseries. The second episode "Stardust" deals with chemistry from itsorigin to the complex carbon-based human beings that we are and thewondrously diverse world around us. It explains stellar evolution andthe births and deaths of stars. It shows how everything is connectedand creates a case for the continuous recycling of matter in theUniverse.

Episode 3 "Falling" examines gravity, but is the lesser of the series.It does not fall completely short, but is bogged down by twoexperiments (weightlessness - or so-called zero g - airplane and gforce accelerator) and less compelling screenplay and source material."Messengers" ends the series on a high note and looks at light as aproperty, but also as a code for the history and intricacies of theuniverse. It also relates space and time, the Big Bang and present dayquite harmoniously. It demystifies myths, shows infra-red, radio andmicro waves as extensions of the light spectrum smoothly, examines theimportance and apparition of eyes in evolution and leaves us with asense of unity with the universe and ongoing inquisitiveness into ournature.

All in all, the series succeeds in promoting science, awakeningcuriosity and giving deeper meaning to things we may take for granted.It is beautiful and thoughtful. It lacks perhaps some of the detailedobservations a more science savvy audience may expect, but it gives anaccessible solid foundation for one to build further knowledge andexplore on his own.

Wonders of Life (2013) will complete the "Wonders Of" series in a BBCco-production with China's CCTV. Also, Sagan's widow and co-writer willbe involved in a new Fox version of Cosmos called "Cosmos: A Space-TimeOdyssey" to be aired in 2014.

May science live long and prosper.

Reviewed bydamyon_brazierVote: 10/10/10

looks like the science guru's have decided to write reviews for thisand slammed it. personally i have enjoyed the series. Yes it hasfantastic vista's and glorious visuals , and probably not enoughcontent for the want-to-be or actual geologists within each episode. Itdoes however bring a visual feast and captures the feel of how icertainly used to look out at the stars at night as a child. Its warm,educational, and puts hair on the back of your neck. Brian Cox has awonderful way of making you understand everything he is explaining (forus mortals that is)In my opinion i appreciate, to "aficionado's" thisis child's play, but for the rest of us bored with reality TV , this iscompulsive viewing.

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