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Zero Days (2016)

A documentary focused on Stuxnet, a piece of self-replicating computer malware that the U.S. and Israel unleashed to destroy a key part of an Iranian nuclear facility, and which ultimately spread beyond its intended target.

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The Synopsis for Zero Days (2016) 720p

Documentary detailing claims of American/Israeli jointly developed malware Stuxnet being deployed not only to destroy Iranian enrichment centrifuges but also threaten attacks against Iranian civilian infrastructure. Adresses obvious potential blowback of this possibly being deployed against the US by Iran in retaliation.

The Director and Players for Zero Days (2016) 720p

[Director]Alex Gibney
[Role:]Eric Chien
[Role:]Emad Kiyaei
[Role:]David Sanger

The Reviews for Zero Days (2016) 720p

Reviewed byVictoria WeisfeldVote: 9/10/10

This two-hour documentary released Friday, July 8, and playing inselected theaters and streaming online, traces the history andconsequences of Stuxnet, a sophisticated piece of malware unleashed onthe world in 2010. Before you yawn and click away, there's an importantfeature of the Stuxnet worm and others like it that makes this story ofvital interest to you. Stuxnet was not designed to invade your home oroffice computer, but to attack the industrial control systems thatmanage critical infrastructure. These systems make sure trains andairplanes don't crash, control car and truck traffic, maintain oil andgas production, manage industrial automation, ensure you have water tobrush your teeth with and electricity to run the coffee maker, keeplife-saving medical technology operating, and, of course, give youaccess to the internet. Cyber-attacks on these systems causereal-world, physical destruction, even widespread death. Behind theComputer Screen The Stuxnet story—still highly classified, but revealedover time—began with an effort by the United States and Israel tothwart Iran's ability to produce nuclear weapons by destroyingcentrifuges at the country's Natanz uranium enrichment facility. Thesoftware was diabolically clever, virtually undetectable, andessentially untraceable. In theory. The fact that it was a Zero Dayexploit--that is, that the attack would begin before the softwareproblem was discovered and attempts made to fix it or shut it down--andthat the Stuxnet code contained not one, but four zero day features,was remarkable. Once it was inside, it worked autonomously; even theattacker could not call it back. The Israelis, apparently, wereimpatient. They assassinated Iranian nuclear scientists, and theychanged the Stuxnet code, and it spread. It ended up infectingcomputers worldwide, at which point it was no longer secret, peoplewere looking for it, and the Russians and others found it. "Israel blewthe (malware's) cover and it could have led to war," the film says.Another consequence is that the day when something similar can beunleashed on us grows ever closer. It will come from one of threesources: • Cybercriminals, in it for the money • Activists, intent onmaking a political point or • Nation-states seeking intelligence oropportunities for sabotage. U.S. security agencies are not complacent.While they talk publicly about our cyber-defenses, in fact, there is alarge (unexamined) effort to develop offensive cyber-weapons. There arereports of an even more draconian cyber-weapon embedded throughoutIranian institutions. Warding off its activation is believed a primaryreason the Iranians finally struck a nuclear agreement. Certainly itprompted the rapid development surge in Iran's cyberarmy. In puttingthis story together, writer and director Alex Gibney interviewed formerhigh-ranking U.S. and Israeli security officials, analysts fromSymantec who teased the code apart, personnel from Russia's KasperskyLab, and many others, including CIA/NSA/DoD officials unable to speakon camera. "Fear Does Not Protect Us" The documentary makes apersuasive case for who holds the smoking Stuxnet gun, but it alsosuggests that finding fault is not the primary issue. The climate ofinternational secrecy around Stuxnet—and the inevitable clones thatwill follow—makes an open discussion about them impossible. Nor does itallow development of rational strategies for managing the risks,regardless of how urgently needed those strategies are. Cyber-riskmanagement will never be easy, but as one of the film's experts pointsout, "it will never happen unless you start." The subject is "hideouslyoverclassified," says Michael Hayden, former director of both the NSAand CIA. (The climate of secrecy is so extreme that even the U.S.Department of Homeland Security cyber team was unaware that Stuxnetoriginated across town and spent countless resources trying to track itdown.) We, of all nations, need this debate, because there is no morevulnerable country in the world, when it comes to systems'connectedness. "Evil and good live side by side," says an anonymousagent of the Israeli intelligence agency, Mossad. Keeping secrets is agood way to prevent being able to tell one from the other.

Reviewed byTheExpatriate700Vote: 8/10/10

Zero Days is an important documentary devoted much needed attention tothe issue of cyberwarfare, focusing on a case study of the Stuxnetattack. It provides a behind the scenes take on the discovery and thedevelopment of the virus, as well as the political developments thatcaused it to spiral out of control.

Alex Gibney does a good job of explaining the technical aspects of thecomputer virus, as well as the political context that spurred theUnited States and Israel to develop the computer virus. He assembles agood cast of interviewees from various perspectives on the issue.Although Gibney has a definite viewpoint, he gives both sides of thequestion a hearing.

Although I had previously watched news coverage dealing with Stuxnet,this documentary goes far more in depth, making good use of insidesources within the NSA. In particular, Gibney examines the split thatemerged between the United States and Israel over the use of the virus,ultimately culminating in a near disaster. The film provides adisturbing warning of how the American and Israeli governments havepotentially opened a Pandora's box.

This film is important viewing that should be seen by everyoneinterested in current events or concerned over the implications ofAmerican foreign policy.

A gold standard in documentary films and a very interesting storyReviewed bysideriteVote: 9/10

Once you go beyond the automatic dislike of computer screen hexadecimals turning into beautiful 3D animations, which is the norm in all popularizing documentaries, you can see not only how interesting the story is and how well the film is done, but how much effort came into the gathering of the information in it.

This two hour film describes how Stuxnet changed the world, first from the eyes of malware researchers and how they discovered the worm and how they started to analyze it and realize how advanced it is and what it does, then goes into the political realm, describing how the US and Israel did this to Iran, then narrows down, showing not only how this was something the US did to prevent the Israelis to do even worse things, but how Stuxnet came back to bite its creators in the ass. In the end we are shown the true reality of a world in which anyone can do horrible damage with no attribution while the security institutions keep everything secret and out of public discussion and decision.

A very informative movie, filled with useful tidbits, showing the story of Stuxnet from start to end and to later consequences, interesting to both technical people and laymen alike. Well done!

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